BCC’s audit procedures and approaches are distinctive from other auditing firms. Having a wealth of experience and knowledge in other business auditing spaces, we have developed very effective methods not utilized by our colleagues in this industry. For example, our Accounts Payable Examinations are approached from the procurement aspect of the transaction, as opposed to the accounting side. This strategy reveals very difficult to detect issues and billing inaccuracies that result in solid bottom line efficiencies.

BCC performs labor-intensive examinations to address all potential issues such as, but not limited to the following:

  • Duplicate & Erroneous Payments
  • Cash & Trade Discounts
  • Open Credits/Paid Credit Memos
  • Contract Compliance Issues
  • Volume Allowances/Rebates


  • Freight Overpayments
  • Sales & Use Tax Errors
  • Unclaimed Property/ Escheatment
  • Exchange Rate Errors
  • Pricing Errors
  • Purchasing Terms & Conditions
  • Evaluated Receipts Against Vendor Agreements
  • Volume Discount & Rebate Agreements
  • Pricing Overcharges
  • Procurement-Card Errors

No two clients are the same and therefore no two examinations are the same. Each BCC audit engagement is approached and designed to address specific client needs and expectations, in an exclusive manner.

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