BC Compliance Group, LLC founded in 1994 (“BCC”) provides an in house team of professionals that specializes in providing independent third-party contract compliance examinations.

BCC’s analytical approach to examining the economic components of contractual obligations has resulted in millions of dollars saved and recovered for our clients.

BCC’s longstanding core belief is that over time, the economic terms of contracts can become distorted and result in non compliant outcomes. BCC’s objective is to ensure that the original intent of the parties to the transaction perseveres.

The importance of contract negotiations

Negotiating equitable terms with suppliers can be a long and arduous process. Frequently, when negotiations are completed and the contract is activated, there are limited efforts applied to ensure that the terms negotiated are the terms implemented.

BCCompliance Group has the experience and expertise you want when entering into any contract negotiation. Before you sign, consult with us. Schedule an appointment today.


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BCCompliance Group works in partnership with the following to find hidden expenses which will add more to your everyday cash flow.

  • Telecommunication Expense Management
  • Media Audit
  • Freight Audit
  • Property Taxation
  • Business Optimization

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As expense reduction analysts we are able to optimize your business expenses, uncover overpays, and through negotiations identify significant savings, increasing your bottom line. To find out more schedule your consultation today.