Facility Maintenance Spend

Our client, a nationwide financial services company was concerned with the cost of facility maintenance for their owned and leased properties. The services were provided by two (2) separate property management companies. The distance between the client and the ultimate service providers made it difficult for the client’s facilities team to conduct onsite reviews of services and repairs.
Determine if each provider was billing for their services in accordance with their respective agreement’s including providing the proper support for the amounts billed. Research the contract history of each agreement to determine the intent of the parties in order to formulate accurate billing models reflecting the pricing and objective of each agreement. Part of analysis required BCC to identify the agreed upon services and the authorization levels for repairs and services to determine the correct billing per period and location.
Sample data was gathered and analyzed, by period, covering each of our client’s locations to determine compliance with the respective agreements. The respective billing models were developed based upon the terms and conditions of each agreement, as well as our client’s understanding of each. BCC identified various previously unseen issues such as service discrepancies, duplicate payments, improper overtime charges, charges outside contract parameters, services billed without vacant space adjustments. An agreement was negotiated and agreed to with each provider including the proper support for future charges under each agreement.
Our client received an executive report, recording in detail, the discrepancies that were uncovered and resolved, the full amounts recovered, and the agreed upon support required for future charges.
The overall findings amounted to $535,000 (based on a 60/40 split). At our client’s request, BCC secured a final settlement of $310,000. The settlement was reached to ensure immediate and ongoing compliance with the BCC billing application and support requirements.
ROI: 185.71%

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