Contract Compliance

A Contract Compliance Analysis (“CCA”) is an important facet of any Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process. CCAs provide the opportunity to gain valuable insight into control limitations in addition to recuperation of lost revenues.

Negotiating equitable terms with suppliers can be a long and arduous process. Frequently, when negotiations are completed and the contract is activated, there are limited efforts applied to ensure that the terms negotiated are the terms implemented.

CCA’s provide our Clients a certification that their contractual obligations are performing correctly and that the management of the contracts is compliant with the terms and conditions of the contract.

A CCA blends automated methods with single minded strategic buyer discourse. BCC focuses on detecting the foundation liable for non compliance, and designing customized avoidance procedures for diminishing prospective exposure.

Our practice focuses on an exclusive concentration – which is isolating, authenticating and correcting non compliance issues that have developed over the course of the contractual relationship. In addition, CCA s can introduce best practices and cost savings strategies tailored to our client’s specific needs and visions for the future.

Primary areas of examination associated with Contract Compliance



  • Facility / Maintenance Services
  • Temporary Labor
  • Mailroom Services
  • Office and Warehouse Supplies
  • Security Services
  • Transaction Processing
  • Printer / Copy Management / Maintenance Services
  • Freight and Transportation Logistic Services
  • Internal Audit Projects
  • Distribution Audits
  • Supply Chain Audits
  • Franchisee and Royalty Compliance Audits